Saturday, February 03, 2007

Week 5 Workout C

204.6lbs and a sore throat with irregular but bad cough. I binged last night.

Been doing the new set of workouts this week which are based on dumb-bells and body weight. I've not blogged for a while due to not making time.

0800 Went to the gym and met Sara. Using the 10kg dumb-bells I did the golf squat, press-up/row combo, deadlift/snatch/lunge, cuban press, single-leg deadlift and reverse crunch.

1000 Thea to Dance & Drama; Nat to swimming (backstroke).

Week 4 Workout F

206.2lbs. What a lump! Since scoffing some fried chicken I've not been to the loo. I guess that's what happens but also explains why the scales are looking bad. I'm out tonight so plan just to detox today.


1 Sumo squat = 3 x 8

2 Plank = 3 x 15-60 secs

3 Snatch-grip deadlift = 3 x 8

4 Neutral-grip shoulder press = 3 x 8

5 Hammer curl = 3 x 8

6 Woodchop lunge = 3 x 8 (each side)