Friday, June 01, 2007

Summer 07 52 Day Challenge Day 1

Didn't weigh myself this morning as didn't want bad news following my late night bingeing. I guess the clean eating thing is going to be hard - but just staying away from junk in packets should be enough?

Told Sara I was starting a new challenge and I think she wants in. Last night we both said (by text) that we needed to lose some weight.

Spoke with Janet.

Watched Thea and her friend Alex, horse-riding.

Goals: CE 80; RT 30; CT 30; PG1 -15lbs; PG2 Sleep! PG3 Post progress 38x

CE = Br: Satsuma, banana, green tea, nectarine; Sn1: promax diet; Lu: Chicken, lambs, beans and sweetcorn; Sn2: Banana

CT = Spinning

RT = Incline bench press 3x15x40; Mixed-grip chin-ups 3x5; Alternating shoulder press 3x20x24; Dips 3x10; Reverse biceps curl 3x15x12; Bent-over row 3x15x30

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